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            全 球 機 械 網 站    Global Machine WebSite

          • AccuTech Photo Machining Inc. - offering photo machining design and production services.
          • Acu-Line Metal Etching - photochemical engraving and machining of mechanical parts, decorative plaques, artistic ornaments, and etched gobos.
          • ChemArt Company - photo-etched industrial parts through photochemical machining. Also offers photo etched ornaments.
          • Custom Etch, Inc. - chemical texturing and engraving facility.
          • Electroplated Metal Solutions, Inc. (EMS) - manufactures photo chemically machined or etched precision sheet metal goods including EMI and RFI shields, contacts, shims, gaskets, and signs.
          • HiTech Photopolymers Ltd. - specializing in liquid, photoimagable resist for the chemical machining industry.
          • Micro ECM - processes selective metal removal in the micron range. Applications vary from motor bearing grooving to airflow turbulator contours.
          • Photo Etch Technology - offers laser and chemical cut solderpaste stencils, precision chemical milled parts, laser plotting, film and circuit board scanning, and CAM services.
          • Powers Manufacturing - precision workmanship in thin metals through photo chemical machining.
          • Precision Photo Fab - creates custom R.F. shields, surface and board mounted.
          • Suron - specializes in photo-chemical machining and photo-etching to produce chemically milled metal parts.
          • United Western Enterprises, Inc. - photochemical machining of parts.

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